About us

About Us:

We are a professional manufacturer of houseware, Founded in 2005. we provide the best quality products, the most complete service, the lowest wholesale price, We owns more than 5000 square meters standard industrial factory and departments responsible for R&D, injection molding, blow molding, printing and assembly.serve the global customers, product customization is our special feature, no matter what your needs, Please contact us.

Our Products:

Shaker Bottle,Sports Bottle,Straw Cup,Salad Cup And Bowl,Pill Box

Feature of Product

Our raw materials are imported from South Korea. All plastic products are certified to national food grades. Safe and environmentally friendly. High temperature resistance. Do not fade. Never leak and rupture.



Contact: Service

Phone: +0086-189 2378 7906

Tel: +0086-189 2378 7906

Email: service@customhouseware.com

Add: wangchun industrial park, Ningbo

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