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Shaker bottle design and decomposition molding

Design mold
Today's shaker bottle are made by injection molding or blow molding. Therefore, every time a sample is designed, a new mold must be opened, and the mold generally has tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, so the shaker bottle have the price of raw materials. The cost of the mold is also very large. There may be many accessories for a finished product, and each accessory requires a separate mold. For example: the shaker bottle can is divided into: the bottle body - the lid, the inner liner, and the handle parts.

Decomposition injection

Generally, the shaker cup parts is made separately by several machines. The injection molding process is to inject molten plastic into the mold of plastic products by pressure, and to form various plastic parts by cooling molding. There are mechanical injection molding machines dedicated to injection molding. The most commonly used plastic at present is polystyrene.

Shaker bottle design



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