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The magical effect of shaker cup

Shaker cup is generally the necessary equipment for the fitness person to brew the protein powder whey. In addition, there are many wonderful uses for the shake cup.

Shaker bottle of beauty series

Milk Mask - Appropriate amount of milk and flour, shake it into a paste and apply it on the surface. (It can be better with the hibiscus and tofu.)

Yogurt Milk Mask - Deep Moisturizing

Lemon egg white mask - Whitening anti-wrinkle Take the appropriate amount of egg white into a water sample, shake it with 5-10 ml of lemon juice with a Tupperware juicer.

Chamomile Milk Mask - Condition sensitive skin and promote metabolism. Heat the appropriate amount of milk to 80 degrees, put it into the chamomile for 30 minutes, then filter it out. Add 1 egg yolk to the milk and shake well.

Banana Milk Mask - Anti-rough. Take 20 grams of banana puree and add 20 ml of milk. Shake the almond powder 10 g.

Tomato Milk Mask - Anti-drying. Add 10 ml of milk to the appropriate amount of tomato puree, and shake well with 10 ml of honey.

Shaker bottle of drink series (Note: Do not shake hot drinks)

Banana milkshake - sweet and delicious. Take a half of the ripe banana and add pure milk or yogurt. The milk does not have a banana. You need to leave a third of the space when shaking.

Strawberry milkshake - light red, sweet and sour. Add 2-3 pieces of softer strawberries to the amount of yogurt, then the method is the same as above.

Mango milkshake - yellow. Fresh mango chopped diced cubes with honey and milk.

Pumpkin milkshake - light yellow. The pumpkin is cut into pieces and steamed to add milk and honey.

kiwi juice - light green. Cooked kiwi with one added water and honey.

Peach juice - light orange. Cook a pruned peach into a peeled diced cube to add water and honey.

watermelon juice - big red. Cut the watermelon into a shake cup and shake it into watermelon juice.

tomato juice - big red, sweet and sour. A peeled diced tomato is placed in water and honey.



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