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Bicycle bottle classification and purchase

Cycling long-distance cycling is now an outdoor travel or fitness option that many people like, and it is especially necessary to replenish moisture at any time with a lot of sweating. Therefore, the bicycle sports bottle has become an essential item for bicycle travel, and it should also belong to personal hygiene products. It is necessary to drink the liquid in the stomach, and it must be healthy and safe.

Since the kettle is such a commonly used equipment, I will have a deep understanding of it, so that it can be used happily and assuredly! The bicycle water bottles currently on the market are roughly divided into two categories: plastic pots and metal pots. The plastic pot can be divided into soft rubber and hard rubber. Metal pots also have aluminum pots and stainless steel pots. These categories are essentially material-based, so I will compare the four different materials first.

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Soft rubber: A white opaque bicycle water bottle that accounts for a large market share is made with it. Put the kettle to the bottom, you will find some symbols for the material description. If you don't even have these blanks, you are advised to call 12315 to report the fake goods. The general plastic container has a small triangular mark at the bottom. There is also an Arabic number in the middle of the sign, from 1 to 7.

Generally, the soft plastic water bottle is made of HDPE of "2" or LDPE of "4". The "2" plastic is relatively stable and can withstand heat to 120 ° C, but the "4" plastic can not be directly filled with water, the maximum water temperature can not exceed 80 ° C, otherwise it will release the plastic preparation that the human body can not decompose.

Hard plastic: One of the most famous representatives is the American nalgene transparent bicycle kettle OTG. It is known as the "not broken pot". It is said that it will not explode when it is run over by the car, and it is heat-resistant and cold-resistant. Its bottom number is "7". The "7" is a PC code. Because it is transparent and resistant to falling, it is widely used in making kettles, cups, and bottles.

Pure aluminum: The most famous is the Swiss SIGG sports bottle, which also has a bicycle kettle, as well as the French aluminum kettle of Zefal. The same high-end aluminum kettle, at first glance, it has a coating on the inner layer, which is said to prevent bacteria and avoid direct contact between aluminum and boiling water to produce carcinogens. Aluminum can produce harmful chemicals when it comes to acidic liquids (juice, soda, etc.). Drinking aluminum pots for a long time may cause memory loss and mental decline. On the other hand, pure aluminum is softer, most afraid of bumping, and it is uneven when it falls. The shape is not a big problem. The most fear is that the coating is cracked and the original protective function is lost. This is tantamount.

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In contrast, stainless steel kettles have no coating problems and can be double insulated. In addition to the insulation of the double layer, there is also the advantage that the hot water is not hot. Don't think that you don't drink hot water in the summer. Sometimes you don't have a place in front of the village. The experience brought by hot water is far better than cold water. In an emergency, a single-layer stainless steel kettle can also be set on the fire directly, which is not possible with other kettles. Nowadays, the quality of many domestic stainless steel kettles is very good, and it is also more resistant to bumps. However, the stainless steel kettle is heavier and filled with water. The plastic bottle cage on the bicycle may not be able to withstand it. It is recommended to replace it with an aluminum alloy bottle cage.



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