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Why does the shaker bottle smell bad

Why does the shaker bottle smell bad?

First of all, we must know that if we just use a shaker to drink water, it will definitely not become stinky, but the shaker is basically to drink protein powder, muscle powder and other foods, protein powder and muscle gain powder. It is a highly concentrated protein, and the protein will spoil and deteriorate over time, especially in a hot and humid environment, the spoilage will deteriorate faster, which will cause the shaker to become stinky.
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Some fitness novices just use the shaker, for example, this is the case. I don't know much about this kind of thing, so after each use, I just put it on it. After a long time, it remains in the cup. The protein in the protein will spoil and the cup will become more and more stinky, and finally can not be used, only to buy a new one.

What about the flushing of the shaker bottle?

The flushing problem of the shaker really needs you to eat a long and wise one. After eating a loss, you know that the protein powder in the cup lid of the shaker will be mixed around the thread, even if you rinse the bottle again. The body is useless. After you have been there once, the next time you rinse, you will know where it has not been rinsed.
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The most correct method of rinsing should be to remove the cup lid of the shaker and remove the spring, which is to completely "disintegrate" the cup, then rinse the parts of the cup with water to ensure that each part is rinsed. Clean, only in this way, to ensure that the cup will not become stinky again, be sure to remember to rinse in time, because sometimes you will forget, the next day will find another taste, "gentleman" has been this several times.



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