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How to use a shaker bottle to brew protein powder

Fitness enthusiasts use a shaker bottle (better dissolve) for brewing protein powder. A three-layer shaker is a common and practical one. But first-time fitness enthusiasts often don't know how to use them when they first come into contact with such cups. This experience explains in detail the use of the shaker (for example, a three-layer shaker).

Method / step

Disassemble the shaker bottle to clarify the purpose of each part. As shown in Figure 1 bottom layer (place powder) 2 middle layer (place capsules) 3 upper layer (water) 4 filter (put into upper layer) 5 cover 6 combined to look like, usually go out in the morning to put "powder and capsule" into the "lower layer" It is very convenient to carry the door after the middle floor.

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Remove the bottom layer, pour the protein powder into the upper layer, pour in warm water, usually 30 grams of protein powder into 200 ml of water (the cup usually has a scale), you can also add skim milk to improve the taste.

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Place the bottom of the filter screen down on the top of the shaker, screw on the lid, and shake for 30-60 seconds to dissolve the protein powder.

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Finally you can drink.

Every time you finish the cup, there will always be a little residue. After a long time, there will be a strange smell in the cup. Rinse directly with water and dry.



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