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Method for brewing protein powder

For the bodybuilder, protein powder is an important muscle-enhancing food. Protein powder must be brewed so that the body can fully absorb it. So, how is the correct brewing method?

一, the order

We generally recommend pouring the water and then pouring the protein powder. Otherwise, the powder with the best solubility often sticks to the bottom. Fitness friends with children and milk powder must feel the same.

The amount of water is usually 90 ml of water to prepare a spoonful of whey protein. If there is a case where the brewing is not possible, a little 10-20 ml of water may be added as appropriate. (Different supplements will vary depending on the formula).

In addition, the shaker cup is the first choice for our sports supplements such as whey protein. Some shaker bottle will be equipped with steel balls or strainers, so that the protein powder is dissolved more thoroughly and waste is reduced.

shaker bottle

二, the water temperature

We generally recommend using cold water or warm water of about 40 degrees. (Normal temperature mineral water will do)

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Many people have a misunderstanding that hot water brewing will denature proteins in protein powders and lead to loss of nutrients or reduced absorption. In fact, protein denaturation refers to the change in the spatial shape and structure of protein molecules, and there is not much change in nutrient absorption.

Protein powder is not recommended to be adjusted with hot water. There are actually two reasons. First, whey protein will have some maltose and carbohydrate. The starch in sugar and carbohydrate will gelatinize when it encounters high temperature, causing agglomeration. . It is also true that we usually cook rice with cold water to open edible starch.

In addition, if the water temperature is too high, the agglomerated powder in the shaker may be sprayed with the hot water to burn the user.

三, Match

In addition to water, we also recommend using milk, juice or sports drinks to prepare whey protein, so that after exercise, you can better absorb some vitamins, carbon water and other nutrients in addition to protein.

Of course, if you eat it with some carbohydrate-based foods (such as bananas, oatmeal, bread, etc.), the protein is also more easily absorbed by the muscles.

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