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How to choose a good shaker bottle

In Europe and the United States, body building is a daily activity for all people. It is as popular as eating and going to work. At the same time, in the fast-developing China, people's body building awareness has also awakened, and body building has become a fashion. Along with the rise of various bodybuilding equipment, according to statistics, 80% of the world's fitness equipment is produced in China, especially the shaker cup, which is 90%.

Although the shaker bottle is small, it is an important part of the fitness process. There are many manufacturers in China, and the products are good and bad. For the customer, what kind of shaker cup is a good product.

One: material

The shaker cup material is generally plastic, the main body is polypropylene, referred to as PP, some accessories use polyethylene, referred to as PE. PP is characterized by high strength, heat resistance, non-toxicity, good toughness, can be used for heating, but PE can not be used for heating, so it can not be used as a cup material, only for accessories.

Two: craft

The production process of the shaker bottle is generally selected materials, raw material coloring and proportioning, design casting, machine decomposition, injection, assembly, packaging, the most important part is the mold and injection molding, which is related to the basic configuration of the shaker bottle. Excellent craftsmanship is the basic guarantee of quality.

Three: printing

Customizing the shaker bottle according to the customer's needs is one of our major features. Logo printing is the most common customer demand. Our printing coatings are completely safe and reliable. There are two ways to print, large-area printing paper hot stamping and small area manual spraying. Printed.

Our shaker cup has experienced the test of time and has been loved by customers all over the world. We always provide customers with the highest quality, lowest price and best service. Please contact us.



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