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How to choose a children's straw cup

Every baby needs to graduate from the bottle and put on a child sippy cup. But the products are varied, the materials are many, and the types of suction ports are many. How to choose children's straw cups? Say it today.

First of all, the material needs to be determined. When using a child's sippy cup, the baby can basically hold and drink. So too bulky glass material is not advisable. But the plastic cup, the material is always a question mark.

straw cup

Therefore, it is recommended to choose the same safety material as the plastic bottle when choosing the material of the children's sippy cup, which can make your parents feel at ease, such as PP cups and PPSU cups

Secondly, it is the choice of the suction port of the child's straw cup. Under normal circumstances, we will choose the duckbill cup as a guide for the baby to step into the door of the children's water cup. Because the duck's mouth sucks, the amount of water is small, and the sucking sensation is similar to that of the nipple, which will not cause the baby to resent. There are a lot of PP cups for duck mouth mouthpieces to choose from.

When the baby learns to use the sippy cup, he can put the baby into a sippy cup for the normal straw. At this point, there are more categories to choose from. So pay attention when selecting:

1. What is the water leakage prevention function of the children's water cup?

2. The safety and softness of the straw of the child's sippy cup, so that the baby can use the child's sippy cup.



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