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How to clean the shaker cup?

Fitness Tips: How to clean the shake cup?

Shaking the cup is one of the essential items for our fitness gods. Its biggest use is that it can blend the fitness milk powder evenly and completely at low temperatures, as long as it is shaken with a small hand.

But many people have awkward situations when using the shaker cup! Forget to wash after drinking.

shaker cup

How to clean used shaker cups:

Wash thoroughly before using for the first time, wash immediately after drinking, wash immediately, immediately! Have you smelled the protein that has been used for a long time? If you have any, you will wash it immediately. If you don't have it, you will wash it immediately.

How to remove the smell from the shaker cup?

shaker bottle

Unfortunately, in this BPA-free plastic material, if the cleaning is not clean enough, there will be a heavy odor, and there are several ways to remove the odor:

1. Charcoal: Let him put in the cup until it absorbs the smell
2. Baking soda: Add the cup to the baking soda or add vinegar, the cap is opened and placed all night, cleaned the next day.
3. Lemon: Squeeze the lemon juice into the cup and fully cover the cups in the cup.
4. Coffee powder: until the coffee powder to absorb the smell
5. Sun exposure: Take the cup to an environment that can receive the sun, let the powerful sun take away the smell
6. Add coffee powder and leave the bottle for the whole night.
Brewing tips / tips:
Add liquid first and then add protein powder
Before you start shaking, please make sure that the cap is fastened, otherwise it will be sprinkled everywhere.
Do not use too much water to brew, avoiding excessive pressure inside the bottle. The pressure inside the bottle may cause the lid to open and blow out.



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