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How to clean the sippy cup

1, rinse with water

After using the sippy cup, it should not be placed aside. Soak the sippy cup for a few minutes with a proper amount of warm water, then rinse it with water for 2~3 times. Flushing is the easiest way to get rid of odors and bacteria and dirt.

2, vinegar soak

Pour the appropriate amount of edible vinegar into the sippy cup, then pick up the cup and shake it, so that the dirt is soaked in vinegar. After shaking for a few times, the cup was allowed to stand for 20 minutes. You can see the scale on the cup falling off. Add warm water and continue to soak for half an hour. It should be noted that in order to avoid the vinegar taste of the cup, the number of times of immersion with vinegar should not be excessive.

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3, clean the straw

Anyone who has cleaned the straw cup knows that the most difficult part of the sippy cup to clean is the slender straw. It is easy to deposit scale, it is not easy to rinse off, it looks dirty. In fact, the cleaning straw can be cleaned with a special straw brush. If there is no straw brush, there are other small tricks, such as finding the slender hairpin, hooking the wool, then passing the straw and rubbing back and forth to clean the dirt.

4、Boiling disinfection
Boiling disinfection is a convenient way to disinfect at home. First, you need to prepare a pot for disinfection, then add the amount of water to soak the straw cup, and then take it out after boiling for 3~5 minutes. If it is a high temperature sippy cup, you need to use a steam pot for disinfection.



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