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Why eat protein powder for fitness

What are the benefits of whey protein powder? Why are people in fitness drinking? Really so amazing?

There are many sources of protein, including egg protein, soy protein, milk protein, etc. Whey protein is one of them. It is extracted from cow's milk!

The source of each protein is different, and the characteristics are slightly different, so why is whey protein so popular with the fitness crowd!

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1.Help build muscle

Whey protein is known as the king of protein. The ingredients in the whey protein allow us to reduce the muscles lost during training, so that our hard work is in vain. In addition, muscles are made up of proteins, and only enough protein will help us build muscle fibers. They are also very helpful in repairing muscles after training.

2. Contains essential amino acids

In the human body, there are several amino acids that cannot be synthesized by themselves. They must be taken from outside food. However, whey protein contains every necessary amino acid, so that we do not get hindered by the lack of materials when synthesizing muscle.

3. Easy to carry and drink

We want to get protein, of course, we can use it. However, if you only have a short time and there is no way to prepare your own food, then a cup of whey protein drink is very convenient! Just need a shaker cup with a fixed amount of protein powder, so you can pick it up whenever you want!

4. High absorption efficiency

The absorption effect of each kind of food is different. Like protein, the protein absorption effect of eggs is the best, but if you have doubts about cholesterol, or can't put so many eggs, then choose Absorb the second whey protein drink!

5. Make up the missing protein

Muscle repair requires the energy of sugar and protein, so neither can be lacking. When we don't have enough protein for a day, it's hard for muscles to do the repairing action. In general, a protein in a protein powder is equivalent to 5-8 eggs.

If you can't get enough protein in your meal, you can make up for it! Of course, a good choice of diet is the most correct way! Can not rely entirely on tonics!Protein powder must be brewed under warm water and a professional shaker bottle.



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