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The difference between shaker bottle and ordinary bottle

Fitness people drink protein powder to supplement protein. This is a lot of people's daily routine. Shake well before drinking. Need to use a shaker bottle. Is it a little redundant?

If you are consulting a reliable "protein powder player", it is recommended to use a shaker. The manufacturer even has an electric shaker. The special protein powder shaker cup has a spring and a spring. There is only one purpose: to dissolve the protein powder into the water.

shaker cup

Why not recommend a regular water glass? Most common water cups do not have the function of shaking the mixture. Shake the lid at most, or use a spoon to stir. This has a problem, it is difficult to mix the protein powder completely with water, and even grainy.

Protein powder that has not been shaken enters the human stomach and needs extra water, which may result in insufficient absorption of the body. This is why the old fitness driver recommended the use of the shaker. Since the protein powder jars have been bought, there is not much more to buy a professional shaker.

shaker bottle

Finally, drinking protein is recommended to use a shake cup, cold water or warm water to wash the protein powder, because hot water will cause protein denaturation, which has an effect on the efficient absorption of protein powder. Of course, the amount of water should not be too small, too little naturally can not be fully dissolved. Too much water can cause a bad taste. General protein powder cans have instructions for use, according to usage is basically the most scientific.



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