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Why use a shaker bottle for fitness

Nowadays people are paying more and more attention to their own health problems, so in various cities, the fitness forces are gradually growing. More and more young people are joining the fitness community, especially many men, looking forward to training a bodybuilding muscle and shaping a healthy body to enhance personal charisma and self-confidence. But do you know? A shaker bottle and a habit of cooking can make your fitness effect more effective.

Adding protein after fitness is the best way to improve your fitness. It takes a lot of energy to exercise, which also exacerbates protein catabolism and even negative balance of protein. Therefore, increasing the intake of protein can ensure the body's metabolic needs. Also, muscle = energy + protein + anabolic nutrients, proper protein supplementation can also increase muscle strength and promote the synthesis of muscle and hemoglobin. Fully improve your fitness and quickly show your perfect body.

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So the question is, how to add protein in time after fitness? Protein supplements are of course the preferred protein powder. The brewing of protein powder is a big problem, especially in outdoor sports or gym training, it is difficult to make the protein powder evenly in ordinary water cups, which often leads to agglomeration of protein powder. At this time, you need a shaker cup.

What is the difference between a shaker cup and a regular cup? It not only has the hydrating function of ordinary water cups, but also has the additional effect of fully stirring the protein. Many people think that protein powder can be eaten as long as it is eaten into the stomach. It is not important whether it is evenly stirred. However, in fact, stirring the protein powder with a shaker and shaking it gently can stimulate the activity of the protein. Once the protein is activated, the absorption efficiency will be greatly improved and the muscle-enhancing effect will be upgraded. However, because the ordinary water cup cannot be shaken, the protein is not activated, and the absorption is much worse.



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