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Shaker cup use and precautions

How to use the shake cup
1. Disassemble the shaker cup to clarify the purpose of each part. Cover, cup and shock steel ball
2, take the lid, pour the protein powder into the cup, pour warm water, usually 30 grams of protein powder into 200 ml of water (the cup usually has a scale), you can also add skim milk to improve the taste.
3. Put the oscillating steel ball into the shaker, screw the lid, and shake for 30-60 seconds to dissolve the protein powder.
4, you can drink at the end.
5, each time after drinking the cup, there will always be a little residue, rinse with water to dry and dry, it is not easy to produce odor.

The water of the brewed protein powder must be warm water (close to the body's low temperature), hot water will break the protein structure, cold water is not easy to dissolve.
Pure whey protein powder should be eaten with carbohydrates (such as bananas, oatmeal, taro, etc.), which is more easily absorbed by the muscles. If it is added to the ingredients, such as muscle-enhancing powder, it is not necessary to pay attention to the ingredient list of the product you purchased.
The protein powder is best served within 30 minutes after the fitness is completed. It can also be used as a protein supplement in the morning with breakfast.
Any supplement can not replace the basic diet, high protein, low fat, moderate amount of carbon water, eating more healthy eating structure is the foundation of fitness.
Fans in the early stage of fitness should focus on adjusting the basic diet structure, and generally do not need additional supplements.
Water can be added in an appropriate amount, and water is less soluble in protein powder.



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