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What is the use of the spring inside the cup

It is well known that bodybuilders need to brew protein powder to provide muscle-enhancing energy, usually using a professional shaker bottle. Compared with ordinary water cups, the shaker bottle is more complicated and special in structure. It is often asked by novices. What is the use of the spring ball in the shaker cup? Here is a brief introduction for everyone.

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We know that protein powder is very difficult to dissolve in water, protein powder must be fully brewed to make it easy for the body to absorb, then how to make protein powder dissolve quickly and fully, this is the role of this spring ball, it can During the shaking process, it quickly helps the protein powder to dissolve, which is equivalent to a mini mixer. Although it is small, it is of great use.

There are two kinds of spring balls, one is placed separately in the cup, and the other is a spring embedded in the cup cover, both of which can better help the protein powder dissolve.

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