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Why do fitness workers use shaker bottle

For the bodybuilder, the shaker bottle is definitely a necessity, and for the fitness group who wants to gain muscle, eat protein powder and increase muscle powder, the ordinary water cup can no longer be satisfied with their use, they will use the specific water cup. , that is, the shaker, the difference between the most fundamental and the ordinary cup is that there is a professional spring in the shaker, and the ordinary water cup is not. The function of the spring is: let the protein powder, increase The muscle powder can be fully dissolved into the water.

shaker bottle

If you use an ordinary shaker cup, the protein powder can not be fully dissolved into the water, which causes the protein powder to be granulated when it enters the human body, which will require the body to use excess water to dissolve the protein powder particles, resulting in absorption by the body. Incomplete phenomenon, this is also the reason why many fitness veterans will use the shaker. After all, the protein powder is so expensive to buy, it is definitely necessary to buy a shaker.



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